Ambar (earth), THE WIDE WORLD Palurin. (LT2 gives irmin "the world, all the regions inhabited by Men"; this is probably not a valid word in LotR-style Quenya.) OF THE WORLD marda (an adjective, *"wordly"); THE ENDING OF THE WORLD Ambar-metta, ambarmetta; "WORLD-ARTIFICER" Martamo (a title of Aulë) REDEEMER OF THE WORLD Mardorunando (it is not clear whether the initial element \#mardo means "world" or "of the world"; cf. marda above. It may be that mardo is the genitive of mar, mard-, translated "earth" in Fíriel's Song.) –LotR:1003 cf. MBAR, VT44:36, LT1:251, 264, LT2:343, LT1:266, VT44:17

Quettaparma Quenyallo (English-Quenya). 2014.


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